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Serge-Andree Gonzalez, Our lead Photographer

Meet Serge-Andree Gonzalez
I am Haitian-American living in South Florida.  I am a mother and an international marketer with a passion for photography. At a young age, I was often volunteered to photograph family events and simple portraits. As I grew older, I understood the importance of having physical memories of people even after they have passed.... These tokens are called pictures. I took up photography to help everyone have that small token to remember events, loved ones and understand what matters. For me, capturing images is a reflection of freezing emotions in time. My favorite muse is my son Gabryel who inspires me everyday to improve my craft. You can check me out on social media. 
Simply Capturing Moments is a family owned photography business established to provide professional services at an affordable price to those seeking to create and cherish lifetime memories. We use a photojournalistic approach encompassing  a timeless flair grasping your thoughts, emotions and actions to the last detail during any session or event. Photos aren’t just pictures that should be stored away and never looked at again; here at SCM, we believe that Photos are memories that should be shared and relived time and time again.

We provide a wide variety of services including portraits, family events, celebrations and more.  

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